Hardware Support & Services

OS Solution provides cutting-edge software solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses across various industries.


1. Charges for the services to be provided under Regular Basis Annual Maintenance contract for one year.
The charges specified are only in respect of features installed on machine/s on the date of commencement
Of the Contract. Additional charges shall be levied on further updates if any.

2. The maintenance service do not include damage resulting from accidents, transportation, neglect or
misuse, Electric short-circuiting, air-conditioning or humidity control, natural calamity or cause other than
Ordinary use.

3. We will provide service from Monday to Saturday during our working hours 11 A.M to 8 PM. No service
will be provided on holidays. If you like off time facility than contact our administrator.

4. During the period of this contract in your own interest, you will not permit any unauthorized person to
Handle the computer system for any fault whether major or minor. In case the machine is found tempered
With, our /contract will become null & void.

5. Any change of address by the customer must be intimated to our service center in writing.

6. The contract is not transferable. In the event of customer’s transfer or sell of computer system the contract
will become null & void without any refund being payable for the unexpired period.

7. If the system is moved by the original owner on account of his shifting of residence/office within the
municipal or corporation area he above service contract will be deemed as valid for the unexpired period.

8. All hardware is to be installed under proper stabilized electrical power & earthling. Otherwise the contract
becomes void.

9. During the AMC period, any up gradations required to be done by us will be chargeable.

10. All the machines have to be under proper licensed ANTI VIRUS.

11 All repairing & servicing of your computers will be done on site at your place. If the problem is not solved
at your site, then we may have to take your machine at our site to repair & service.

12. Payment of our service charges will be made yearly in advance.