What is DLM?

Digital Literacy Mission is a leading online center for students of class 4 to 10, designed to enhance their knowledge. We act as a vibrant learning platform leveraging the power of the internet to provide comprehensive training and guidance to young learners. It aims to provide students with basic skills and knowledge through interactive online sessions. The mission focuses on the fundamentals and effective use of digital learning tools. The mission of digital literacy mission plays a vital role in shaping the future of adults in the digital age.

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The DLM study is based on Bloom’s taxonomy. These tips will not only help you gain knowledge (Level 1), but also help you understand the content (Level 2). In general, the child begins to apply the concepts learned to other subjects as well (level 3). Our system focuses on achieving learning outcomes as defined by the Indian Council of Secondary Education. Although mainstream schools work hard to achieve this, the importance of ‘finishing’ what your child is learning at school cannot be overemphasized.

We ensures that the same is done efficiently and consistently. The system works in synergy with your child’s lessons at school, with daily updates and homework completions to ensure your child knows the content they are learning at school.

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+91 94333 77717


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